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I don’t know about YOU – but when I checked out this “Business Opportunity” I wanted to “know ALL ABOUT it” – BEFORE I made a decision to join !!


Is to put ALL the information that “I” discovered when I did MY research here IN ONE PLACE so that YOU will see the FULL benefits & advantages of spreading the word on this ‘very important’ topic. As well as earning a bit of cash for doing so at the same time –

SO off you go – BEGIN by

1. Downloading the brochure by clicking on the link below.

2. Watch the Video – learn first hand about the importance & significance of the product – Click HERE

3. Visit my Blog HERE – and see for yourself the wide range of folk who have been helped – not forgetting MY Story too !!

(Do note however – the minerals are not a cure
they are merely a means of giving our body’s immune system the fuel it needs to do ‘it’s job !!)

THEN read the rest of the information below.

I look forward to helping anyone who makes the same decision I did – and join us…..

So… what’s this all about?

It’s all about little-known health secrets that are changing lives around the world.

It’s also about incredible products like our ‘Sizzling Minerals’ that customers are literally desperate to buy (from you) once they learn about them.

The raw ingredients (Pre-historic Plant Minerals) were created by ‘mother nature during the dinosaur era. We mine, extract and purify these natural raw ingredients to produce our unique “trademarked” product called ‘Sizzling Minerals’.

These are rare plant minerals not found in shops. You will learn the difference between powerful natural plant minerals and cheap ineffective metallic minerals sold in shops. You will then understand why this is such a highly lucrative income earning opportunity.

Here is a short Video about the Product and the NEED for it – a ‘product’ where EVERY single person on the Planet is a ‘potential customer’ as the NEED is “Universal”

And here is a short Video about the “Business Opportunity”

To view it – Click HERE


Get involved with a “Serious” Company…..

promoting a SERIOUS product !!

Do You Dream of Having Enough Money

so You Don’t Have to Work?

FACT – Many people laughed when Bill Gates suggested selling software instead of giving it away with computers. Now they cry because they didn’t get involved or buy shares. Many employees and shareholders became MULTI-MILLIONAIRES.

In 1997 Eric Cole & Peter Willoughby (Simply Directors) were telling people that a UK company they were actively involved in would become a Billion pound company by giving customers a single bill for their services. Many people said ‘utter nonense’. Eric & Pater went on to become millionaires along with others who ‘believed them.

That Company is now worth more than a £billion.

That time has now passed into ‘History’!!

TODAY….Peter& Eric are telling everyone about the worsening Global Health problem due to “mineral depletion” and THEY have the solution.

Their VISION of global domination with the ultimate ‘route to market’ WILL create an awesome income opportunity for those who ‘have the sense’ to get involved RIGHT NOW.

This opportunity offers a genuine, ethical way for you to earn extra money either full time or part time. This could mean a significant extra income or a chance for you to become wealthy. It’s entirely up to you how much money you make with your Simply Naturals Business.

Other Incentives include:-

Free Car Plan

The company FREE car plan starts from £300 per month (climbing to £4000 as you rise through the ranks) for a car of your choice.

Watch the video to find out more about this amazing Free Car Plan.

To view it – Click HERE


Free House Plan

At the higher ranks within the business, Simply Naturals give you a monthly mortgage payment of £5000 per month for the house of your choice.


Company Share Scheme

An opportunity to earn free shares in a growing company with our future share promotions.


Company Compensation Plan

You can download a copy of the Compensation Plan which will give you the full details for YOUR Country by clicking the appropriate button below……


Become a Simply Naturals Distributor or an Affiliate Today.


1. When you reach the page you have been redirected to by clicking on the links below make sure that you SELECT your Country in the drop down menu in the window to the right in the Header Section.

2. Make sure you ‘check’ only the boxes which apply for registering either as a Distributor or an affiliate from whichever button you check on above.

What’s the difference between a Distributor and an Affiliate?

A Distributor pays a joining fee to join the business opportunity and not only receives full commission on all the customers they personally gather, but can also build a team and earn commission on all the customers in their group.

Not Forgetting of coursethat as a Distributor you can recover the majority of your investment inside the first 2 months by simply finding just 6 Customers.

An Affiliate pays no joining fee but only earns half the commission on customers they personally gather and they do not earn commission from any team members they introduce to the business.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss this business opportunity or have any questions about it.

Or to just learn a bit more about this product and the opportunity register below and you will receive some more information along with one or two useful brochures/leaflets which will be of value to you.


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Note:- Minerals are NOT a cure for any ailment or illness they are simply the means of providing the natural minerals your body's immune system requires to do its job in protecting you.

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