Welcome to the BEGINNERS "7 Step Web Building Programme"

Created FOR Beginners - BY a Beginner

So EASY to follow that ANYONE from age 8 to 80 can do it regardless of skill or ability !!
EVERYONE (including me, 'initially') tends to think that unless you have got a load of "techie knowledge and computer skills" you CANNOT build a website, Splash Pages, Landing Pages or Capture Pages and therefore CANNOT set up and run an online business.


"I" am an 80 yr Old Pensioner who can NOT ONLY do ALL of the above - but I can teach ANYONE how to do ALL of the above too - simply by using my 'stupidly simple' "7 Step Web Building Programme"!!!

Believe it or not - I created, and very successfully sold, this course for Beginners as long as 15 - yes - 15 years ago - and it is just as relevant TODAY as it was then.

In fact - I STILL create all my web pages etc., using this SIMPLE "7 Step Process"

SO - the GOOD NEWS is that I have decided to make it available AGAIN......

HOWEVER, this time round it is considerably cheaper - and at ONLY $77 for the whole course - as opposed to the initial launch which was $397....

BUY TODAY - and you get a bit more information for your dollar too.

SO - let's see what I am giving away at such a small investment in your future.....

If YOU are in business on-line or using the Web to promote your off-line business in this day and age you NEED your OWN Website.

Whether that is:

  • A single page website.
  • A multi page website.
  • An email capture page.
  • A Landing Page.
  • Or a Squeeze Page.

YOU can create ANY of the above by choosing which ones of the 7 Steps fulfils your needs.

The "7 Steps" are:

  • Step 1 - The Shop Window - the background to your Website. YOU can select the color of your background just as you see on this web page - OR - you can have an image as your background.

  • Step 2 - Your Website Header - and this programme will SHOW you how YOU can create your OWN website Headers using a FREE Graphics Programme!!

  • Step 3 - Will show you how to create a menu across the page. Used for multi-page websites. You will ALSO be shown HOW to create your OWN menu buttons too - with another FREE graphics programme.

  • Step 4 - Will show you HOW to create your "content only" page - and also SHOW you just how simple grammatical 'html' can be used to create your content (just as it is used to create this page!!

  • Step 5 - Will show you HOW to create a combined "menu column and content page" which will enable you to have 'links' running down either the left or right side of your content page.

  • Step 6 - Takes you a step further and show you HOW you can have a menu column with your content in the middle and an additional column on the right so that you can add email capture boxes plus advertise other products and services etc.,

  • Step 7 - The 'final' step will show you HOW to add a 'footer' to your web page and the sort of content it should contain.

INDEED - you will be able to download a TOTAL of "20" Training & demonstration Videos as well as the additional information below
This is truly a "GREAT" value for money package.....

You should NOTE:- YOU can use ANY of the above steps to create whatever layout you want to achieve.

For example:

  1. Use Steps 1, 2 and 3 along with either Steps 4, 5 or 6, plus Step 7 and you immediately have a choice of THREE different but basic web site templates !!

  2. Now use Steps 1,2, 4 and 7 and you have a 'Squeeze Page' template.

And THAT is only mixing and matching to create just TWO templates. The MORE you use these 7 Steps the more you will come to realise how 'flexible' they are - and you will become AMAZED at the range of things you can achieve with these SIMPLE & flexible 7 Steps.

In addition to the 7 Steps this 'package' of goodies will ALSO include the following:

  • Instructions on HOW to upload files and images direct to a website using what is known as a File Transfer Programme.

  • A complete pack of simple html actions you - as a beginner - can do all sorts of things to add 'vision' to your content - such as how to do anything that you see on THIS PAGE - and much more - including how to create the border you see on this site!

  • Introduction to a "Complete Tool Kit" which will give you ALL the 'tools' you need to run an online business with for ONLY $5.75 per month - a tool package which if obtained seperately would end up costing you as much $100 or more - and they ALL WORK and do the job intended too!

  • A tool which will enable you to 'cheat' in finding keywords that work to get YOUR web pages listed by a range of the top search engines - along with simple instruction on HOW to include Search Engine Optimisation Links to any of the web pages you create using this programme.

AND ON TOP OF ALL THAT - you will receive a Power Point Presentation of each of the 7 Steps along with a couple of bonus ones too.

PLUS a complete VIDEO course which will hold you by the hand as each step is explained in detail AND in a simple to follow format.

The BIG question is of course - how much would you expect to pay for such a comprehensive package.

As I said at the beginning of this site - this package was sold years ago at


TODAY - you can invest in this "Do it Yourself" course for a mere


SO - over to you - GET YOUR COPY Right Now by Checking on the Button below.

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Best Wishes

(The Old Fella)

You need TWO things to be successful online....

No 1 is the RIGHT "Tools Package"...

Welcome to "Build-a-Biz-Online - you will 'definitely NOT find a 'cheaper' or more comprehensive package at THIS price - Check it out HERE
No 2 is your OWN Product - OR - someone elses product - providing it is a QUALITY Product!....
I - of course - have BOTH - my OWN product (which you will see details of above - AND - I am a Distributor for "Simply Naturals" - which you can check out HERE

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