How to be a Wealthy Affiliate

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1. ANYONE who wants to learn about setting up an online business.

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1. “I” am over 80 yrs Old – and pulling in the level of income I ‘want’ to achieve….

2. A 21 yr Old colleague is pulling in TEN times the amount I am earning……
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This Company has been “In Business” for OVER 10 years – and has OVER 1,400,000 Members
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• Weekly LIVE Interactive Classes

• Plug in to over 300 hours of Expert Education

• Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (50 Lessons)

• Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 Lessons)

• 12 Classrooms – Giving additional Training

• Earn Revenue Creating your OWN Training

• Your OWN authority Wealthy Affiliate Blog

• Hosting for up to 50 sites in total – amazing value!!

• 3000+ Beautiful website designs

• Add on features to the value of $1,973

• Domain names available direct from WA


You ALSO get……
• Site Protection, SiteHealth, Website Analysis

• – AND – Site SSL certificates with all domains

• Plus “Even more Advanced Training”


Check it out and see ALL the benefits for yourself.

Below you will find just an outline of the “BENEFITS” that you get by being a full member of Wealthy Affiliate – and do note – you can register for FREE

During the first 7 days you will have FULL access to the Pro Membership level so that you can have a browse around and see exactly what is available.

At the end of the 7 days you have one of two choices to make:-

1. Whether to take advantage of the Pro Membership by accepting the offer to have your first month at a reduced contribution of $19 followed by a monthly subscription of $49 per month – OR –

2. Whether to remain as a FREE member – and do note, even as a FREE Member you can have 2 domain names hosted for you !!

Or of course you can just cancel your Membership at the end of the first month, which given the benefits you do get from being a FREE member would possibly not be your best course of action.

Remember – even as a FREE member there is stacks of training and support and of course, not forgetting the TWO free websites you get hosted as a free member.

What do you get as PRO Member.

a. EDUCATION – From the moment you register for an account you are going to be taken through what is ‘a state of the art’ step-by-step training programme.

Usable and beneficial to both ‘newbies’ and advanced marketers.

The focus of ALL the training is to teach you how to create a successful and long term business within the online world.

b. WEBSITES – Totally “brilliant” and “powerful”, and Secure.

Hosting WordPress websites has never been more secure and powerful.

Wealthy Affiliates gives you a hosting experience you can feel totally safe to run your business on. They take care of the ‘technology’ so that YOU can focus on your business.

c. DOMAIN NAMES – An experience that is totally seemless.

Your swebsites, domain names and the management is fully integrated within the platform. With the interception of technology like this it allows for many unique and never seen before features.

As the platform evolves on a daily basis you are going to see new features to help push your business further forward.

Each hosted domain comes with it’s own FREE SSL certificate too !!

d. THE COMMUNITY – Probably the most helpful community on the Net.

The most difficult part of building your online business is getting help when you need it most.

At Wealthy Affiliate you not only have access to the superb resources provided by the ‘Owners’ but you get support, help and advice from some pretty key members too.

With well over ONE MILLION – (yes you read that right – over 1,000,000 members) – there are some key players who give their time to help and answer questions for anyone who asks them – that could be YOU !!
Bear in mind this is above and beyond the support and back up that comes from the business itself.

e. SUCCESS – At Wealthy Affiliates it is happening on a daily basis.

Whether succes to you is $10/$50/$100 dollar per day or more each of these and indeed greater amounts are very achievable with the educationh, websites and the community you are able to take full advantage of.

Every single day a new member posts about their success.

There is NO upper limit to the level of income you can achieve BUT be aware that it does take a little bit of graft and some work to achieve ANY success.

Don’t expect overnight success. It could take you 3-6 months or longer. It ALL depends upon how much time YOU give to studying and setting up your business following the exceptionally good and sound advice you will get by being a member of Wealthy

I have only been a member for a short while myself as I write this.

I work on building my business for about 2-3 hours per day 4/5 days per week and I ‘started’ earning some dosh ($39.00 to be precise) inside my first 3 weeks as a member of this incredible club.

f. A Final Comment + A Special Bonus

I have spent 15 years online now – Initially, after a couple of years of learning I wrote and sold my own “7 Steps Beginners Web Building Course” (which sold incredibly well) – and that was ‘after’ I retired from full time work at age 65.

Over the next decade I tried a variety of things – all of which, one way or another, turned out not to be what the ‘seller’ was proclaiming they were.

At Last – something different – a programme which goes way beyond what it claims it can do for you

I have not regretted one moment of being a member here and I am sure you won’t either should you opt to join us.


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Yours Truly

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