Hello and Welcome.

As you will gather from the heading of this blog, this is all about “Beginners” and helping them to set up and create an online presence using some pretty basic skills which are presented in a ‘simple’ and ‘understandable’ format.

The “Training” aspect however is only available to Members of the Beginners Club.

A Private Members Club which I have set up to share information and ideas with my friends and colleagues, who, like me, started virtually from ‘scratch’ to learn all about how to set up and run an online business and boost our income.

A bunch of us are all Pensioners! (You do NOT need to be a pensioner to join us or any of businesses we recommend you take a serious look at of course)

YOU ‘can’ join the Members Club if you wish !

You would need to be a member of either (or both if you wish) of the following 2 businesses, and of course joined via the links you are invited to view below.

Or – you can join via a monthly subscription of only $10….. Register below via the Paypal link….

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The 2 businesses are:-

a. Wealthy Affiliates

This is a fantastic package which will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running a business online…..you can check it out for FREE if you wish simply by clicking the banner below.

b. Build-a-Biz-Online

Once you have a business there are a specific set of tools that you will find you need to run it effectively – this is TRULY an amazing package and will save you a fortune. Here you will get ALL the tools you need and more for less than $10 per month.

If perchance you have visited the “Welcome” page and perhaps “My Story” which you will find in the menu below the Welcome link at the top of the page….then you will have a pretty good idea where I am coming from and what my plan is….

Basically, it is to ‘share’ my simple’ approach to ‘sharing’ MY knowledge with literally anyone who would appreciate some ‘easy to follow’ tutorials covering all the important ‘basic’ things one needs to know about to run an online business.

You CAN get started on that by joining the links on “How to be an Affiliate” and/or the ‘Build-a-Biz’ link which will of course be found via the menu across the top of this site.

Once I am advised that you have joined either of the two businesses above OR I receive confirmation of your subscription you will receive “Log-In” links to the Training Room.

Please Note – the above is the ONLY way to obtain access to the information in ANY of the links available here in the “Members Club” area.

I look forward to helping anyone who wishes to help themselves.

Yours Truly

(The Old Fella)