Hello & Welcome.

I came to the conclusion that “My Story” may provide a little help or even some inspiration to anyone who may read it – as I am sure many who ‘will’ read this will emphasise with it too :-).

I am an ‘octogenarian’ (in other words over 80 yrs old 🙂 ) who when I retired decided that as I knew next to nothing about computers and the internet I would spend my new ‘freedom time’ learning all about both.

My working life has been predominantly involved in either the world of finance or as a complete change in life setting up and running a small kitchen franchise network here in the UK.

Throughout the majority of that time I was involved in Management and of course ‘training’ which was the part that I loved.

Sharing my knowledge with others is quite satisfying.

What a journey my life has been as you will find out by reading my story below.

One which has created many more challenges ‘online’ than I ever had ‘off-line’ !!

What did I do when I retired?.

I wanted to learn all about the internet and possibly run a small online business and earn some extra cash to boost my new pensionable income.

Of course, I knew how to browse the internet and send and receive emails. I also knew how to use a computerised ‘Kitchen Design Programme’ because that was the business I was in before I retired.

What I did not realise is just how confusing these online ‘Techie’ guys & gals can be when you ask a ‘simple’ question.

My initial quest was wanting to learn how to set up and build a website (that was before blogging became as popular as it is today).

You just would not believe the ‘gobbledygook’ answers I got back !!

However, fortunately, at around that time I was a ‘newbie’ member of a site who claimed THEY could teach me everything I wanted to know and initially I was hooked in as I thought I had found the answer to my prayers.

Well in a way I did because I met and talked to a Computer Techie who actually lowered his explanations to my level….

He was a rare find.

Indeed, he was so good that I very quickly learned how to set up my own website.

In FACT – His instruction was so good I created my OWN beginners pack called…..

The Beginners 7 Step Web Building Course.

This course consisted of a series of Videos backed up by a Power Point Presentation taking the viewer step by step though every single process of:-

a. Choosing a domain name

b. Selecting a hosting package.

c. Building your website

d. Adding content

The one skill I lacked at this time was actually ‘how to market’ the product I had created.

Along came my Mentor of that time.

At this point the owner of the business I had joined as a member offered to promote the product for me and we would split the commission.

My task was to simply put the product onto a set of disks and package it for sale.

Then every time someone bought the product all I had to do was send off the set of disks to them. Easy money really.

It got better – because my then mentor suggested setting up a series of one day seminars which was duly arranged by him and of course my “7 Step Beginners Course” was the primary subject matter of the day – another very successful event.

Unfortunately once the steam had run out on the sales side interest by my Mentor of the time in what I had done dwindled rapidly to zero.

Also, regrettably the help and advice dwindled and I was still in the situation where I might have picked up a heck of a lot technically I was still as thick as two short planks as far as marketing any product was concerned.

As I learned later in my online ‘career’ I found that most of these online ‘entrepreneurs’ are very helpful whilst you are earning a fortune for them but soon stop when the well dries up……so – when you find a source that does work and does stick by YOU then YOU stick by it !!

Of course I have found that source nowand YOU can too by taking note of the content of the information I am sharing with you on this blog.

Another fact of course is that website building in the old way has largely been overtaken by ‘blogging’ which is somewhat of a different skill.

(I am now in the process of putting together a “7 Step Blogging Course” – which once completed will be made available as an integral part of my “Private Members Club” !!)

I tried the Affiliate Market.

So I got into another learning curve by becoming an affiliate for an ever-increasing number of products but the big problem was still that of marketing.

I also learned a bit of a hidden fact or two in the process of trying to do more learning and that is that generally speaking if you follow the advice of most situations you get into selling a number of affiliate products you end up building the list of the seller and not your own list – and of course it is a well-known fact that you want to and should build your own list as an integral part of earning an ongoing income.

More learning to be done – and unfortunately – in most of the cases where I have found what ‘initially’ sounds like a good mentor or a good programme they far too frequently seem to be more interested in taking your money than actually helping you to build a business of your own.

Either that or their programme does NOT do what it says it WILL do!!

But at last Eureka !!

I have found a couple of different mentors who actually do what they say they will do.

The REAL Mentors.

When I started telling you “About Me” I told you about how little I knew about setting up and running an online business and throughout this missive I hope I have built an image of a ‘typical’ and ‘all too frequent’ a situation – that of the difficulty of finding folk on line who actually do what they say they will do.

(I don’t have problems by the way – just situations!)

Then YES – it is a truly genuine Eureka from me because I have found not one but TWO Mentors who actually in some ways complement each other.

What sort of knowledge do you REALLY need?

I would suggest in the simplest way it is covered by the following:-

1. A Series of REAL training Videos which literally takes you from scratch throughout the WHOLE process of setting up and running a business

2. A specific set of TOOLS that are necessary to do the job effectively.

Well you have probably guessed it – I have found BOTH and I would invite YOU to check them out for yourselves – check out No 1 above HERE – and No 2 above HERE.

Read all about them for yourself and make your OWN mind up on whether they are what I am saying they are.

Of course, I would be delighted if you join them via me – but – literally – THAT CHOICE IS TOTALLY YOURS.

Base your decision on the facts – and what you will read about them from me – then visit them BOTH and browse around and just take my word for it, you will not need any other support….

If you have any questions about any of the above feel free to ask them below…..

Best wishes

Yours Truly

(The Old Fella)