I should know – I am 80, soon to be 81, and I have had my successes since I retired at age 65. Old Man

Since retirement I have done all sorts of things online – many of which of course I have fallen into the inevitable trap and been persuaded to invest in and try a number of things which did not turn out to be everything the owner claimed that it would be !!

How inevitable is that !! 

I should have really known better having spent most of my working life in a sales environment (off line of course)

The Purpose of this post

Is hopefully to give some general advice on what I have done online over the years and what I am doing now which is proving to be so successful – of course success is an individual thing and my success is the satisfaction of what I am doing and the fact that WHO I am doing it with is also satisfactory.

Running a Business Online is relatively simple compared to Offline

The BIG difference really is that setting up offline takes a lot planning and a lot of time and an excessive amount of money to set up the business at the outset (in the majority of cases that is).

Online however you can set up a business for peanuts – providing you are actually aware of where and who to go to so that you can be sure you are:-

  1.  Setting Up or getting involved with the RIGHT business for YOU.
  2. Getting the TOOLS you need that actually do the job you want them to do and most importantly at a competitive price.
  3. Getting the SUPPORT & TRAINING that most will inevitably require to learn about HOW to set up and run a business online.

Where do you go to make sure you get the above?

That of course is the burning question and one which does have a number of answers – what I can give you here is MY experience and WHY I am doing what I do now in my early 80’s in an attempt to help those NEW to setting up and running an online business.

Let’s start with EDUCATION.

trainingBelieve it or not I personally knew very little about the “Online” World apart from browsing the Internet along with sending/receiving emails.  I ‘did’ know how to use an online kitchen design programme because that was the business I was in during the last 15 years of my working life.

Outside of that – NOTHING – so I went about learning about the above and this is where my problems began because at the out-set I wanted to set up a ‘Website’ to promote a business online.

THAT is where my problems began because all the advice available was so ‘technical’ it was beyond my comprehension UNTIL I cam across a “Techie” who actually lowered his highly technical skills down to my Basic Level !!

Surprise, surprise – after 18 months online and having created 2 of my own websites I actually sat down and created what I called  “The Beginners 7 Step Guide to Building Websites” – and believe me to do so is SO EASY.

IN FACT – I still use the knowledge I gained then and apply it to my Blogs nowadays – Blogs of course have taken precedence over websites because they are so much simpler to set up and run.

WHO do I recommend is worth following and WHY?

The first thing we need is knowledge – and as I have said in other posts “Knowledge is Power”.

knowledge is Power

Where, however, would I encourage you to go to for that knowledge – and that is quite simple – it is to “Wealthy Affiliate” – and here is my principle reasons.

  1.  This Business has been established since around 2015 – it has stability.
  2.  This Business has a membership approaching 1.5 million – yes 1.5 million !!
  3. Not only is the training programme comprehensive it is constantly updated.
  4. Not only do you have the direct support of the Owners and their extremely supportive team but you have 100’s of members who ADD to that comprehensive training platform by sharing their skills with you and helping by answering questions in their respective fields of knowledge.  You will find it hard to get better than this.
  5. Amazingly – as a ‘full’ member you can actually have up to 50 – yes 50 – websites hosted for you – what price would you pay for that benefit elsewhere – a heck of a lot more than you do here I can tell you.

REMEMBER – “Rome was not build in a Day” and YOU are unlikely to set up and run a business in a day either – I reckon you should be looking between 3 and 6 months and in some cases a little longer.

HOWEVER – Compare that with an offline business which they reckon will take up to 5 years before you can claim to be an established and secure business !!

My SECOND Recommendation concerns the right Tools Package.

I have used a variety of Tools over the years – some big names too – and then about 4 years ago I was introduced to someone who created a package of tools linked to a package which generated an income as well – I fell for it hook line and sinker as the monthly cost of $50 was not only going to save me a much bigger monthly outlay for the tools I was using at that point.

Unfortunately, this did not last long for as I soon found out promises made and promises broken on the addition of and improvement of existing tools failed to materialise – how many times do we get hooked up on that route.?

However – a long standing online friend then told me about the package of tools HE uses and WHY?

I took a look and joined and my WHY rapidly became WHY didn’t he tell ME about it years ago.

Here are the Facts about this Business

Another Business that have been around for about a ‘decade’ – longevity means reliability – and this one also has a massive membership. 

It provides a package of ‘working’ Tools which include:-

  1. An autoresponder – with no increase in charges as your list grows!!
  2. A splash page builder
  3. An email tracker.
  4. A Cloak/Track/Shrink & Brand Tool
  5. Two Banner Builders
  6. A URL Rotator.
  7. An HTML Editor

I use the last one for all sorts of things – imagine writing out your advert in plain language including graphics and then just clicking a button and have that text converted into HTML – how useful is THAT?

Surprisingly, you can get and use ALL of the above for less than $10 per month – don’t let the cheapness of the price put you off because I can assure you that they ALL work – especially the most important and regularly used ones listed above.

My other chosen Business is Simply Naturals.

This is owned and run by a UK Registered Company and is all about Natural Health & General Fitness.

I won’t dwell on this – if you are interested in more detail you can find out more HERE

Hope you enjoyed reading all of the above – do let me know in the comments box below…..

Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)

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