Getting Started

You know, it is a ‘simple’ fact of life that whatever business you ‘set up’, and wherever that business is, you NEED the “Right” tools to not only set it up but to keep it running smoothly.

The above statement is even more relevant to setting up and running an online business – you may find “My Story” an interest read on this point :-).

Priority No 1 – is that ‘Initial’ Took Kit

Over the years I have tried many but allow me to make it abundantly clear you will be very hard pressed indeed to find a better “Start-Up” kit of online tools than you will find HERE.

Let’s just take a look at a few of just a few of them – beginning with:-

a. Your Website:

To create your presence online you need two things.

  • No 1 is a business name (or as it is known online – a ‘domain name’.
  • No 2 is a hosting service – a ‘package’ which enables you to create your online shop-window. In other words – your ‘website’

Cost of providing this service will vary quite a lot – as will the services that will be provided by various hosts – you can expect o invest around $10 to $15 per annum for your domain name and varying from $5 to $50+ (per month) depending upon what level of hosting your require for your domain name.

b. An ‘Autoresponder’.

A ‘tool’ which enables you to capture and retain a list of your customers and visitors to your ‘Shop Window’ so that you can ‘promote’ NEW products and/or services to them as well as keep them informaed about their own purchases etc.,

In simple terms the above is what it will do for you. Again the price will vary depending upon you opt to work with but the 2 most well known providers will require a monthly investment of around $15-$20 per month. This will enable you to build a list of 500 Members and WILL increase every month EVERY TIME you increase your list by a further 500. Imagine the monthly investment if you have a list of 10,000 customers!

c. A “Splash Page” builder.

One of the things you will want to do is promote ‘specific’ products or services and to do this you will need to create a ‘series’ of “Splash” pages (which is another name for a ‘Sales Page’).

This ‘should’ be able to be done via your website hosting package but to do that you need to have some additional ‘technical’ know how to do it – not too difficult but then it is not simple either.

The ‘Splash Page’ builder makes this an easier task to complete – you can do a search online and will find a number of these provided as a FREE service but do beware because you may be able to register for FREE but once you are ‘in’ you will generally find there is a ‘catch’ of one form or another to be able to use this tool for FREE!!

So – if you go FREE – just be aware of the above.

d. A “Few More” useful Tools.

Some or all of the following tools will enhance your ability to create and grow an online business too.

  • 1. A Banner Builder.
  • 2. A URL Rotator.
  • 3. An ’email’ tracker.
  • 4. A URL cloaker.
  • 5. A URL Tracker.
  • 6. A URL Shortener.
  • 7. An HTML Editor.

Just to mention a few more – which of course will take ‘more’ monthly investment – albeit some of them may be available for FREE is you do a search, but do remember my comments above about ‘free’ tools!

The Message is….

There IS a process you need to learn about to succeed online which is commonly referred to as “The Sales Funnel” which will indeed incorporate ‘some’ if not ‘all’ of the above tools.

What about if – YOU can get “ALL” of the above tools in ONE package ?
– and look at just how


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Yours Truly

(The Old Fella)