I think you will probably agree – Productivity IS Key

You know, I have spent over 15 years online now and whilst I think that for my age I have a pretty wide and diverse knowledge there are so many things I do wrong on a day to day basis which has a significant effect on how successful or otherwise we end up being.

Now, it is fair to say that I have had my successes as well as my failures but in reality I don’t think I can claim that I have been ‘truly’ organised in relation to my time spent working ‘effectively’ online.

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It is a simple yet well known fact that a productive worker is a successful one.

Unfortunately many of us invest far too much of our time and energy into doing things link promoting on ‘social platforms’ and ‘hanging out’ all over the place – in other words potentially wasting a lot of our valuable time getting nowhere!

So, how can we get more done in a shorter amount of time?

Productivity actually works hand in glove with avoiding the things that easily distract us.

More importantly though, productivity has a heck of a lot to do with ‘organisation’ – and that literally means ‘organising’ our time. Put another way it is setting goals and ‘sticking to the’.

I have spent many hours online helping a group of folk who have passed their retirement age of 65 here in the UK and I reckon the biggest error most of them have made in jumping from one thing to another or indeed not finishing a specific task that had been setting.

In other words lacking in planning and organisation of time.

Goal Setting Creates Organised Activity

You really need to get out that pen and paper and sit back and set yourself some daily goals for each day of the week – then – most importantly ‘completing them on a regular weekly basis.

You do not need to set out every single minute of your time, just specific tasks that you must do on a regular basis.

The classic is of course ‘Training’ – or in other words learning ‘fully’ how to set up and run an online business – and of course despite my 15 years plus online this is where “Wealthy Affiliate” comes into my life and my current ‘Goal Setting’.

I allocate a period of time every morning for completing a lesson from my Wealth Affiliate membership – indeed – this is a part of one of my lessons – writing a post !!

REMEMBER however, no one is saying that you have to specifically organise and plan every minute of your time online – no – simply allow a time for each bit of organised productivity you need to complete on a regular basis – and do them on a daily basis.

For instance – (and this is just an example). You need to give this plenty of thought !

Day 1 – create and post a solo advert on a specific network (30 mins approx.). Write a new post for my blog (45 mins)
Work on facebook – 30 mins

Day 2 – Visit a Traffic List and earn credits plus send out a post (45 mins)
Work on Twitter – 30 mins

Day 3 – Write a new post for my blog (45 mins)
Work on Linkedin – 30 mins

Day 4 – Create and post an advert on an Ad site (45 mins)

(that’s it for a 5 day week – then you rinse and repeat every week)

Once you HAVE completed your ‘planned’ tasks you are free to do whatever you wish aren’t you – but at least the ‘priority’ tasks have been completed.

You might not like doing some things – but you MUST do them

Another integral and important part of being successful is doing the things you don’t like doing!

There are always tasks that we don’t like doing and often they turn out to be the sort of things that, if we do them, turn out to be beneficial to the growth and development of a business.

A frequent reason for not liking to do a particular thing often comes down to the fact that we ‘don’t know how to do a specific thing very clearly and struggle whenever we are forced to do it.

The moral of the story is if this is you then ‘turn to someone who can help you understand HOW to do it’. Become good at it and it will cease to be that chore that you don’t like doing!!

Make sure you put Time Limits on Tasks that you need to do.

Without putting a time limit on a task you are likely to go plunging onwards and spend the best part of your day completing just one task because you are ‘dabbling’ and being ‘distracted’ away from it.

Effectively, you end up taking all day to do one thing that should have taken no more than an hour of your time had you concentrated on ‘getting it done’

Set a Time Limit and make sure you get stuck into your Task and get it completed within your set time lime too.

Beware becoming a Multi-Tasker

Here is another error that you can become involved in quite easily. The Multi Tasker is usually the one who becomes least effective and the most inefficient because they are switching around between tasks instead of concentrating on one thing at a time and getting it done.

If you are writing an article set yourself a Time Limit and concentrate totally on the ‘actions’ you need to concentrate on to get that article written. If you need information to help create it find that information before you start writing and don’t be misdirected into doing research as you write.

Concentrate on your Work – and make full use of your time

There will always be ups and downs when you are setting up or running a business so be prepared to tackle them head on and don’t let them stop you from achieving or getting to where you want to be.

I would say there are two things that will dictate your success or otherwise when setting up and running an online business.

They are ‘knowledge’ and ‘effort’ – and it is literally up to you to get out there and achieve both of them.

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