In over a decade online and having actually written and sold a 7 Step Course for beginners to create and build websites I go on learning !!

In that past decade I have tried many things and many ways to learn how to set up and run a business online and have had what I would consider to be reasonable success, but…..

You should NEVER stop learning !!

In many ways it is easier to set up and run a business from a shop on the high street than it is to create and build a business online. A series of logical thinking such as:-

1. What do I sell?
2. Who do I sell to?
3. How do I get customers?

etc., etc., – is the pattern looking similar?

There is a difference though isn’t there – between setting up and running a business offline and doing the same online – and the BIG difference is of course the cost.

To set up a business off line there is a lot of expense – you need a good amount of capital behind you because not only do you have the costs of setting up and running the shop you have the expense of employing staff, advertising and so on – ANDa key pointit actually takes ‘time’ to get customers walking into your shop….

Setting up an Online Business

Is not only more cost effective it is QUICKER and of course most importantly costs significantly less to get started AND start getting customers.

Which in turn means you CAN create and develop an income potentially a lot quicker online than you can offline.

There IS a significant ‘technical’ difference between the two though in my opinion.

To set up and run a business successfully online you need a lot more TECHNICAL knowledge that you are likely to need to set up a business in a shop in the high street.

Which is WHY knowledge is Power

The burning question however is WHERE do you go to get that knowledge – and there is the problem many many beginners get themselves into a bit of a dilemma simply because there is SO MUCH information online – there are SO MANY folk claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread who attempt to wind you in as a client/customer of theirs!

Another difficulty – there ARE some good folk out there who will go to great lengths to help you create and grow a businesss – BUT – just as true there is a whole army of folk out there who will happily take your money, provide you with a product (which may not do what it says on the box) and leave you to flounder and end up looking for the next ‘mentor’…..

You need to be careful on whom you choose to link up withBUT – (and here is another big question) HOW do you find out the good information from the poor or bad information ?

NOT an easy question to answer. It quite often ends up being a case of trial and error – JUST AS I HAVE DONE OVER THE YEARS….

Potentially the best ways are by research, which you can do very effectively online nowadays, and/or some serious recommendations……but then you have to ask WHOSE recommendations can you take as being the realy thing?

The cynics will be thinking “why should I take yours” – and my answer is “I am NOT telling you to take mine – I am inviting you to INVESTIGATE a few that HAVE been proven to be reliable to ME !!

Here is my best advice

Yes – take note of links etc., that appeal to you – BUT – like I said earlier – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

It has taken ME a whole decade to truly and finally find a little group of folk that I will now spend my time working with, taking their advice and guidance and building an ‘ongoing’ and ‘continuing income’ instead of the stops and starts experience I have gone through for all of the reasons I have stated above….

HERE is how to set up and run an effective online business

1. The first is a business that has been online for over a decade, has nearly 1.5 million members and is run by a partnership that goes through the whole process of setting up and running a business online from ‘scratch’ via an amazing range of detailed and easy to follow tutorials.

Not only do you get excellent training you also get up to 50 – yes 50 websites hosted for you if you become a “premium member” – and every one of them has an SSL certificat (in other words it is a secure site)

You can join for FREE – take a look around for a week at ALL the benefits “pro membership” offers and then to either remain as a FREE member with reduced benefits or go for broke and go PRO and get the works.

Pro is $19 for your first month then $49 per month thereafter. Very cheap when you consider you have everything you need to help you set up along with ongoing help and advice.

Do note – a number of the members are experts in their own right and THEY offer help and advice on any questions you may have in addition to the owners – their is an absolute abundance of help and support here on every aspect of setting up and running a business.

For more information and to check it out for yourself CLICK HERE.

2. In addition to the above you need a range of tools to run an online business with, specifically an autoresponder, splash page builder, banner creator etc., etc.,

There is a whole range of tools available as a member of this business….. all that YOU are likely to need to help develop, grow and run a business.

For more information on this one and to check it out for yourself CLICK HERE.

You will find that this one also has a link to an ADexchange and you can find out more about that by CLICKING HERE. too….

REMEMBER – check them out for YOURSELF “I” KNOW they are good and I will be delighted if you join any of them via mebut –


Yours Truly

Ron (The Old Fella)

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