It takes TIME to learn how to set up and run a ‘proper’ online business – especially if you are new to the arts and skills of the Internet.

It takes TIME, patience and tenacity to learn all about the ‘right’ way to do things online – as the old saying goes “Rome was not Built in a Day” and neither will a ‘good’ sound online business either.

Think in terms of becoming a ‘Car Mechanic’ for example. Would you expect to start work and immediately begin ripping car engines to pieces and putting them back together again – NO of course not.

You would expect to be ‘taught’ exactly how to do that first.

Creating a Business is frankly no different – you need to be ‘taught’ how to set it up and run it before you can expect to start generating an income.

True – an ‘apprentice’ car mechanic will be paid whilst he is learning whereas you are not likely to be paid whilst YOU are learning all about setting up and running a business online.

Indeed – you are more likely to be paying out to get someone to ‘teach you’ all about what you need to do won’t you.

In essence, as I have said before, if you were setting up an offline business you would have a heck of a lot of expense (considerably more than the cost of setting up an online business) in preparation and setting up ‘before’ you started seeing a return on your investment too!!

So – How long will it be before you can generate an income?

In my opinion that comes down to three things.

1. How much time will you give to learn how to do this?
2. Who will you go to for lessons on exactly how and what you need to do to set up your business.
3. Having the right mindset, mentality and determination to succeed.

The first of the above will dictate just how quickly you will be able to begin generating an income.

The first of the above will dictate just how quickly you will be able to begin generating an income.

If you are like me when I got started and only prepared to dedicate a couple of hours per day to set up your business then it will take up to a year or more to get it all right and working successfully.

If however you are prepared to give more of your time on a daily basis you could be generating an income in a far shorter period of time.

Ideally – You should be doing this in parallel with another ‘paying’ job

It WILL take time to learn and set up a business properly which is why again, my opinion and advice would be to create and build your online business on the back of an existing ‘job’ which is earning you money whilst you do so.

Who should I go to and be sure I will be taught properly how to do this?

Another important and key question here isn’t it and one you should take great care when making your choice.

My Choice has been dictated by trying several different sources and wasting money paying for help and support which ultimately turned out to be a waste of time.
You can of course do your own research – but be very suspicious and careful if you do so and make sure that you make sure you do not waste your time & money on something that turns out not to be quite as good as you were led to believe it was.

HOW do you do that you may ask – and my best answer to that is ‘do your OWN research – read what others say about your choice – it can all be done via doing some online research.

Obviously I have done my OWN research and can recommend the same package that I ultimately found and will now stick with forever because it WORKS and here are just a couple of important factors that led ME there.

1. This Company has been operating for ‘over’ a decade (as I write they are in their 14th year)
2. They have almost 1.4 million members – and that must surely speak volumes.
3. Apart from the excellent training package, support and webhosting from the owners of this business many of the members are ‘entrepreneurs’ in their own right with a range of skills available – skills which they ‘share’ with the members.

Basically whatever your question – there is someone with the appropriate skills to give you the RIGHT answer – and you will get that answer withing minutes of asking your question usually.
Incidentally, your ‘pro’ membership allows you to have up to 50 – yes 50 websites hosted within the package…….astounding !!

What product or service do you wish to create a business around?

Of course this can virtually be anything you wish but you should of course make sure it is ‘something’ that is ‘saleable’ – a specific product or service for instance.

You could be an Affiliate and sell other folks products or services, or a network marketer for a specialist company (like I am with “Simply Naturals”) but whatever your choice you must:-

• Follow a proven system
• Continue to learn
• And essentially – take consistent action regularly and over an extended period of time.

NO ONE will succeed in any business if you do not spend time running it.

Can you earn an income as a “Wealthy Affiliate”?

Of course you CAN !!

I am bound to say that though aren’t I? Which is WHY you should check it out for yourself!

Why do you think that they have been running for the past decade and more?

Why do you think they have over 1 Million Members?

Because it works of course.

Bear in mind that I am in my 80’s – and that I only spend a couple of hours per day online I began earning a small amount in my second month – by month 3 I had hit 50% of my targeted income and by month ‘6’ I will be exceeding my targeted monthly income.

How is a high level of income achieved?

By CONSISTENCY & working your way through the ‘excellent’ training programme at Wealthy Affiliate, and by being patient and prepared to INVEST in yourself.

Do take a good look – scroll down the page and see everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer you.


You can register for FREE and look around at EVERYTHING the full membership would give you – which will then offer you a first month membership at a reduced subscription too.

You can of course remain a FREE member if you wish but you will be missing out on a heck of a lot of help and support though!

Your Truly
Ron (The Old Fella)

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