A BIG Welcome to ALL Newbies – Beginners – Novices – Silver Surfers & Pensioners !!

A BIG ‘hearty’ welcome to the site whose sole ‘objective’ is to try and provide the reader with a simple way to learn all about those frustratingly ‘techie’ topics which tend to baffle us.

Let me say at the outset that “I” am a ‘pensioner’ living in the UK, who, upon retirement decided that I would simply love to test myself by at long last learning HOW to create and build a business online with the intention of boosting my pension thus giving my wife and I a ‘higher/better’ quality of life during retirement.

I would add that ‘prior’ to my retirement all that I could do online was to search the web and send and receive emails – except of course I could use a kitchen design program which I used in one of my offline businesses.

WellI have managed to do just what I planned to do – and may I add – with varying degrees of success.

‘Some’ years I did very nicely indeed thank you, and others were a bit of a ‘downer’ (not always through my own fault either – but that is another story).

My FIRST big success.

Among my early successes was actually creating a Beginners‘ Web Building Course, which I named the “7 Step Web Building Course” which is STILL as valid TODAY as it was over a decade ago !!

The BIG lesson that I have learnt is – and I am absolutely positive a number of folk who find this site will have also discovered – that one needs to be very careful “WHOM” one decides to trust & work with online !!

The other BIG factor of course that most folk make it all “so technical” & “difficult” to understand and/or take part in.

THAT is where MY site comes into it’s own – because I have created my own way of explaining things somewhat easier than the vast majority by putting my years of “Sales Training” into practice – but this time I have broken down all the techie gobbly-d-gook into a SIMPLE format using the KISS formula – which is


My 2 ‘principle’businesses I work with are:-

a. Build-a-Biz-Online

Once you have a business there are a specific set of tools that you will find you need to run it effectively – this is TRULY an amazing package and will save you a fortune.

Here you will get ALL the tools you need and more for less than $10 per month.

b. Wealthy Affiliates

This is a fantastic package which will teach you everything you need to know about setting up and running a business online…..you can check it out for FREE if you wish simply by clicking the banner below.

Do NOTE that ALL the Training Programmes are “kept up to date” !!

I will be the first to confess AND advise that Wealthy Affiliate is the “most comprehensive” training you are likely to find online – BUT – it takes TIME to work your way through it – which you MUST do “step-by-step”.

The FACT that they have been in business for 15 years and have over 1.5 million members says it all I think !

My “Private Members Club”.

As you will gather from the heading of this blog, this is a Private Members Club which I have set up to share information and ideas with my friends and colleagues who, like me, are learning all about how to set up and run an online business and boost our income.

A bunch of us are all Pensioners! (You do NOT need to be a pensioner to join any of them of course)

YOU can join us as a member of our “Private Members Club” but – you would need to be a member of any of the 2 businesses above that we are all involved in, and of course joined via the links you are invited to view above.

NOTE:- Currently also being set up with a range of training tools and ‘how to’ Power Point presentations – and when completed anyone interested will be offered a ‘membership subscription’ to enable viewers to join without being a member of the businesses above if they so wish – monthly subscription will only be $10…..

Backed up, of course, by all the Tools you have available with Build-a-Biz (which all work by the way) you have a complete “Beginners Pack” which if you work your way through from start to finish will give you every chance of building an online business that produces an income of a level that suits your circumstances.

Just remember “Rome was NOT built in a Day” so don’t expect to build your online business ‘overnight’!

That’s your lot for now. – Do have a browse around and enjoy -YOU will be able to join us in the Beginners Club when I have completed this site and got it all ready.

For now – thanks for reading.

PLEASE – “Check Out” the Menu Links and discover the ‘programmes’ that HELPED ME succeed online……believe me – they really DO work.

Yours Truly

(The Old Fella)