Knowledge is Power

In over a decade online and having actually written and sold a 7 Step Course for beginners to create and build websites I go on learning !!

In that past decade I have tried many things and many ways to learn how to set up and run a business online and have had what I would consider to be reasonable success, but…..

You should NEVER stop learning !!

In many ways it is easier to set up and run a business from a shop on the high street than it is to create and build a business online. A series of logical thinking such as:- Read the rest of this entry


Hello & Welcome.

I am an ‘octogenarian’ (in other words over 80 yrs old đŸ™‚ ) who when I retired decided that as I knew next to nothing about computers and the internet I would spend my new freedom time learning all about both.

My working life has been predominantly involved in either the world of finance or as a complete change in life setting up and running a small kitchen franchise network here in the UK.

Throughout the majority of that time I was involved in Management and of course ‘training’ which was the part that I loved. Sharing my knowledge with others is quite satisfying.

What a journey my life has been as you will find out by reading my story below. One which has created many more Read the rest of this entry